Thursday, 28 February 2013

100-day spending ban update #2

So the second month of the spending ban is over. At 59 days in I have to admit that I am finding it more and more tricky.

The temptation of Oxford Street, the new makeup reviews I keep reading and the words ‘sale’ and ‘special offer’ in so many email headings are bringing me close to cracking!

But I know I don't need anything and I'm actually weirdly pleased with myself and the growing pile of empties on my bathroom floor. I've mostly used up shower gels, shampoo and skincare but I have finished two makeup items too. I've started using sample packets, which has meant that I still haven't needed to make any essential purchases, and that I am freeing up space in the cupboard.

That said I know next month will be a little harder. I have already planned to go to the Vitality Show and Ideal Home Show but I'm going to reserve any spending to things that are really unique or a one off amazing bargain.

Interestingly it turns out that my spending ban has stopped my sister shopping too, I’m not sure how they are connected, but at least now we are both saving money and getting through what we already have. So I suppose I should feel glad that my ban is having a positive affect on others?

If you are on a spending ban, let me know how it is going and we can make sure we get each other through the last 41 days!
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