Sunday, 20 January 2013

Tag: How much is your face worth UPDATED!

In last week’s #SpendingBan chat, Gaelle (Lipstick Ergo Sum), Hannah (Midnight Violets) and me decided that we would all do a shared ‘how much is your face worth tag’. I did one of these in my early blogging days and decided that it would be interesting to only compare totals after writing this post.

I generally mix my makeup up on a day-to-day basis but for the purpose of this post, I picked out my current most reached for products.

So here we go….
Benefit Porefessional £23.50 (review)
Bella Pierre foundation £34.99 (review)
Bella Pierre makeup base £12.99
Beautiful brows kit £30 (review)
Garnier caffeine anti dark circles eye roll on £10.49
ELF concealer and brush £3.75
Bourgeois bronzing powder £4.99 (review)
Bourgeois 3D effect lip colour £6.99
Rimmel exaggerate waterproof eyeliner £3.99 (review)
Rimmel  colour rush quad eyeshadow £6.63
Benefit They’re Real mascara £18.50 (review)

Total = £156.82

I had a jaw-dropping moment when I looked back at my previous post and realised that my previous total has increased by a huge £61.84! If I had substituted a few of the cheaper products for high-end brands then my total would be close to £200! 

Luckily I know that most of these products were purchased with an offer or as part of a set and I didn’t pay the full price but this post has made me glad to be on a spending ban because I really should be making the best use of what I already own rather than adding to the collection. 

Make sure you check out the posts from the other two ladies, I’m curious to see how my total compares! 

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