Monday, 21 January 2013

Snow nails 2 (gradient effect)

This time last year the snow inspired some nail art, and even though it looks like it is now going melt away, this year I wanted to up my game and I decided I would attempt gradient nails.
I chose a grey into white design, as if I had dipped my winter nails. I use the technique I had seen on The Nailasaurus blog, which gave the best effect of the tutorials I had researched.

To start, I applied one coat of Bourjois 1 second nail polish (shade 28) and allowed that to dry completely.

On scrap paper I dropped two large drops of polish, the grey and another of white, and mixed them in the middle using a matchstick.

Using an old washing up sponge, I dipped this into the polish and then over my nails, gently patting the sponge to build up the effect and get a good blend of the colours. However, I kept this too a minimum to avoid lifting up the bottom layer of nail polish (of course I could have waited for the coat to dry and repeated the step but I am far to lazy for that).

The next step was to apply a layer of top coat, which also helps to smooth the polish and blend the colours together. It is best not to do this immediately though as you can lose the effect and end up with one shade (yes, that is the voice of experience)

As you can tell from the image, your fingers also get a layer of polish, so the final step is to remove this with nail varnish remover.

So what do you think of gradient nails? I have to say I am pretty impressed with my first attempt!

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