Saturday, 19 January 2013

Quick review: Stylfile travel size

This is my first review from the #BbloggersXmas goody bag and is product that I already own but in a handy travel size.
I have reviewed the full sized version of the Stylfile nail file previously. It is an S-shaped file that it has been designed to follow the curve of your nail to make shaping and filing easy. The miniature file does the exact same thing but is a handy handbag size covered in a spring case.

The file itself is just the right size for emergency situations. It has a nail file on one side and a buffer on the other. I like using the buffer as a curved file as it just slides over the nail easily and naturally. If I had to find a fault I would say that the file is slightly narrow to hold comfortably.
The spring helps to stop the file from scratching your phone/tablet/ereader in your bag, but also makes it easier to find when feeling around! The spring also has a key chain attached but, personally, I find this a bit too clunky as a key ring so I will leave it to float around in my bag instead.

The RRP for Stylfile is £4.49 and it can be found in Boots and Sainsbury’s, but I also found it on Amazon for a reduced price of £3.84.

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