Sunday, 6 January 2013

First impression: Philosophy Purity made simple cleanser

Philosophy is a brand that has always appealed to me. Its clean looking, cutely named products and the bite-sized philosophical thought found on each container has always made me think fondly of the brand, even though up until now I had never tried them.

When my Latest in Beauty advent calendar revealed a small bottle of Purity made simple cleanser I had a little ‘ooo’ moment.
The cleanser is very effective, it has a milky formulation and is gentle enough to use on the eyes, with only a small amount needed to remove a full face of makeup. I found it left my skin feeling very slightly dry, but I didn't develop any dry patches using it. I preferred to use it with my clarisonic, rather than a cloth as suggested, and it is one of the few cleansers that I have found which works well with it.

However, there is just one thing that doesn’t make me want to purchase a full sized bottle, and that’s the scent. For something called purity the last scent I would expect is ethanol, but that’s whats I get.

Now I realise that the brand does not consider itself natural/pure (the ingredients list for this product takes up half of the bottle!) Personally, I think it is a bonus if a brand is natural but I am not particular about that. I think in this case there is a mismatch in expectations, I thought something with the name purity would have a fresh scent but the smell of alcohol is too much.

So this post will stay as a first impression because I although I would still like to try some other products from the Philosophy range — the exfoliator in particular — I won’t be picking up a bottle of this.

Philosophy can be purchased from QVC, Selfridges, Debenhams and Boots. I also found a handy skin quiz on their US website, which interestingly for my responses didn’t actually recommend this cleanser!

Have you tried any of the Philosophy range, if so I would love to know what you recommend.
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