Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Beautiful brows

For the purpose of this review, I believe the photograph speaks for itself.
I picked up the Beautiful Brows kit when I attended Salon International last year. I was convinced after the saleswoman demonstrated the product in the exact way I have shown above. The difference is quite striking for someone like me who has thin and fair eyebrows, but even on those with fuller brows the kit works really well to provide definition.

The kit included the brow powder in my shade (chocolate), three brow stencils, a double-ended brush, a lipstick and a mascara, for £30. 
The application is quick and simple. All you need to do is choose the stencil that closest matches your shape and place it over your brow and then, using the fluffy end of the brush, apply the powder against the direction of the hairs. You only need a small amount of powder to fill in the brows and the slanted brush can be used for any missed areas or to add more definition. After you apply the powder you have approximately 10 minutes before it sets to fix any errors, after that the powder stays in place all day. I typically apply my brows at around 8am and remove my makeup at about 10pm and there is minimal fading.
Beautiful brows say that the brow powder is made using a unique, highly concentrated mineral in pigment powder that is smudge-proof, water resistant and designed to last a full day. I was told that if you use the product every day it will last for 3 years! I have actually purchased this product before, when the brand was in its infancy and was selling the power, brush and stencils for £10! Unfortunately, before I had even created a dent in it I smashed it all over my bathroom floor but even though I have tested other products before repurchasing this has remained my favourite.

I really like the product can make my eyebrows looked much more groomed than they are, my eyebrows were long overdue a shaping session in the above picture, but the product hides this. Because I am not great at shaping my brows using the stencils to heavily shade in the area and then pluck all the hairs that aren’t in that area is an easy way for me to shape my eyebrows.

I’ve only ever seen Beautiful Brows at beauty and hair shows but you can purchase the kit on their website for £35.
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