Sunday, 30 December 2012

Pond’s cold cream review

What seems like an age ago I attended a Pond’s event at the Dorchester Hotel, which was celebrating a new look and the addition of Laura Whitmore -- most recently seen on I'm a celebrity get me of here now -- as their brand ambassador.

Prior to the event, I had largely ignored Pond's as a brand, I strongly associate it with my grandmother and always assumed it was for older skins.
We were kindly given a bag of goodies and I was most excited to try the Cold Cream, which is a product that historically has been around since Ancient Greece. The product is multifunctional and can be used as a cleanser, face mask and hand cream.
I have primarily used it as a cleanser and makeup remover, and I was surprised just how good it is at gently removing foundation, lipstick and even eye makeup (although generally I have a quick sweep with a eye makeup remover and rely on the cream to remove anything residual). It can be removed with cotton wool but I prefer to use a damp face cloth. I then use a toner and moisturiser.
Pond's recommends that this is suitable for all skin types. I have dry skin and immediately after using this for the first time my skin felt soft and smooth, a feeling that lasted through until the morning.
The product is quite thick in consistency and does feel greasy. I haven't reacted negatively by breaking out but I expect that anyone with oily skin is not going to like the feel.

On the event night, I was treated to a hand massage (which felt lovely) and although it can be used as a hand cream, because it feels so greasy, I would suggest using it as a hand mask instead.

The scent of the product is very delicate and overall I think it is a treat to use. The only negative for me is the packaging, I'm more of a fan of tubes than pots in general, but in the case of cold cream I think the pot is historic.

I think this is a great, good value product for gently removing makeup and, being multifunctional, would be great to take on travels so that you do have a face mask on hand if needed.

You get 50ml for £4.07, which lasted me about a month, but I think I have been slapping on a bit more than I should have so it could possibly stretch to more.
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