Thursday, 6 December 2012

Love your skin Intensive Hydra-Gel Moisturiser

Love your skin is a British skincare brand, which I hadn't heard of before #LiveBloggers and the infamous goody bag!
I have been using the moisturiser for close to two months now and overall I have enjoyed using it. It is light weight, absorbs into the skin quickly, does not leave a residue and has no scent to speak of. It comes in a pump bottle, which I really like since it only releases a small amount of product at a time, which helps to avoid wastage.

But, as soon as the weather turned colder I noticed that this just wasn’t enough to keep my dry skin hydrated and had some flaky patches appearing but I was able to compensate for this by using a heavy moisturiser or oil at night. Because of this I would only consider using this again in the spring/summer months, but I think that this would be ideal for those with normal or oily/combination skin who want something light and don’t need something as moisturising. 
One thing that has been great about using the #LiveBloggers products is that for a lot of the items I haven’t known the cost of the products prior to using them and writing my review, which means that I have been able to use products with no preconceptions. This costs £29.99, which I found shocking at first, but considering that I have only used about a quarter of the bottle I see it lasting me at least 6 months, which makes it good value. This and other Love Your Skin - London products can be found here.

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