Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Ciate mani month day 4 (Prom Queen)

Day 4
I am going to be honest, I had a little squeal when I opened up door four and found my first bottle of caviar pearls! They look so pretty and delicate that part of me just wanted to keep them for display but of course that feeling didn’t last long.

The shade is Prom Queen and is made up of blue, pink and silver pearls as well as silver and pink glitter. I decided that I really needed to go back to the shade Cupcake Queen to compliment the colour of the pearls.
The application was easy enough, I followed the tip left on the door to use a thin coat of polish, gently pressed it down and left it to dry. I then applied a top coat (as instructed) but I think this dulled the colours slightly. I would have preferred for the look to be all pearls rather than the sequins, which from afar — and even in the picture — make it look like some have already fallen off.

I plan on leaving the pearls for as long as they last, so you will see how they hold up in tomorrow’s post. If you want to check out the last three days, I have left the links below.

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