Saturday, 15 December 2012

Ciate mani month day 15 (Headliner)

Day 15
 Yesterday I declared that Speed Dial may well end up being one of my favourite shades of the advent month, then I opened door number 15. Behind it was Headliner, a beautiful teal colour. This is again the perfect example of when the image on the back of the box hasn’t done the true shade justice.
The polish is a creme finish and with careful application, one coat could be enough. It is one of those shades that is appropriate all year round and is nothing like anything I have in my collection and is therefore a welcome addition!

The past few days of messages behind the doors have been a bit odd, but I have to say I totally agree with the message today. Nothing is worse than when you do your nails and the doorbell rings or you realise you need to get something out of your bag! However, all the Ciate polishes have dried quickly, which is great.
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