Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Ciate mani month day 11 (Bumble Bee)

Day 10 
I knew there had to be another Caviar pearls soon and my prediction was only a day out. Behind door number 10 were the pearls in the shade Bumble Bee, and as you might expect from the name, the pearls are a combination of black and gold, and match perfectly with yesterday's shade Ladylike Luxe.

To apply, I simply applied a thin layer of polish and poured on the pearls. These are much nicer than the Prom Queen pearls since they don't contain any sequins and therefore there is no appearance of gaps in the nail. I decided not to apply a top coat on this occasion since I didn't want to dull the colour of the beads, which is what I found last time.

So far I am really liking the look of the caviar pearls and once this challenge is over I'm looking forward to rocking the look on all 10 fingers!

What do you think of the pearls, yay or nay?

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