Sunday, 9 December 2012

Billion dollar brows

I’ve mentioned a few times my hate of dealing with my eyebrows, so when I was invited to an event to see Billion Dollar Brows — a new treatment from LA — I was intrigued. 

In my experience my eyebrows never look perfect straight out of an appointment. Because you only see the result after the hair has been removed, if the shape is wrong or the brows are too thin there is nothing that can be done about it.
What makes Billion Dollar Brows (or BDB) unique is the use of a Brow Buddy — a specialist tool — which shows you where to start, arch and end your brows. The tool takes into account your facial shape, to give you symmetrical, beautifully shaped brows and for the first time I walked out of an appointment feeling even!

At the event I watched the transformation of women with all sorts of brow shapes, those who had never plucked and those who had gone too far!

The first step in the treatment was to use the tool to draw lines where your eyebrows should be. The tool can be bent so that from your nose, the line for the start, middle and end of your eyebrows can be drawn in and then joined to get the overall shape. The next step is to wax the shape and tidy any stray hairs using tweezers. Finally the look is finished off usually by filling in any areas with powder and using a concealer to cover up any redness from the waxing, and a highlighter to add extra definition.
I had my brows done by the lovely Kerie Hoy — trainer and the lady responsible for bringing the  treatment to the UK — who told me that I have a small patch of hair that doesn't grow on one eyebrow, which is what gives the uneven look I have complained about in the past.

The treatment took about half an hour, which makes it more of a treat than a threading or waxing session and I can genuinely say that I was really happy and impressed with the result. I was given the brow powder (shade Raven) and brush to help keep my brows looking groomed after the appointment and was advised how best to fill them in and to only pluck any stray hairs in between appointments.

The cost of the treatment depends on your salon and where you are in the country but you should expect to pay £20 or more and closer to £30 a session in London.

You can find your closest salon and more information on the BDB UK website but if you have any questions I would suggest tweeting them as they are great at responding quickly and they also have a Facebook  page.

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