Saturday, 17 November 2012

Quick review: Waleda citrus deodorant

Another #LiveBloggers treat and the most unusual in my opinion — a natural deodorant in a spray bottle. I have tried natural deodorants before but they haven't quite cut in terms of protection on a daily basis, so I was very curious to try this out.

The deodorant, when first applied, smells heavily of citrus (as the name would suggest) but this settles quickly. I did find that it occasionally stung on application, especially when I used it immediately after a shower. This isn't uncomfortable and doesn't last, but it isn't something I expected from a deodorant! I’ve listed the ingredients below because I find it interesting that the main ingredient is alcohol and that probably explains the stinging.
Ingredients: Alcohol denat; water, lemon juice, oils of orange, lemon, glycerin. Nominal ethanol content 71%.

I am someone who gets overheated quite easily so I want something with strong protection and, unfortunately, this doesn't quite cut it for me. If I was having a chilled out day and not rushing around with my regular commute then it would work fine but for heavy duty protection this isn't enough.

I did like the spray on application, I felt that it was easier for me to determine when I had applied enough and this meant that I didn’t have a worry about when to continue getting dressed and white patches.

This is a lot pricier than traditional deodorants (£8.50 for 100ml bottle); however, you do get a lot of product for the money and I suspect that it will last a good few months if used every day.
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