Monday, 12 November 2012

Quick review: Nail envy wraps

My holiday gave me the perfect opportunity to test some of the products that I received from #LiveBloggers. First up for review are Envy wraps bling from Elegant touch.

The wraps were easy enough to use. Unlike other wraps I have tried I needed to apply a coat of clear polish first before selecting the correct size and sticking them in place, filing off the excess and finishing with a top coat. The instructions also stated that using gentle heat from a hair-dryer would help the wraps to adhere, but I skipped this step and they seemed to work just fine.
As claimed, the wraps stayed in place for 5 days and then lasted beyond that, although there was some wear at the tips on around day 3, but this wasn't noticeable from afar.
Day 3
I eventually peeled the wraps off, but I did get some peeling of my nails underneath so I would recommend soaking your nails in warm water to loosen the wraps a bit before peeling or maybe a bit of polish remover.
Graffiti design wraps
The wraps cost £5.49 in Superdrug (although I have also found them in Savers for 99p) and contain 24 stickers, which means that if you are happy to cut some of the larger wraps to size you could easily get two wears out of one packet.
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