Saturday, 3 November 2012

October empties

Just a quick post to share what I finished last month….
Sainsbury’s own brand baby shampoo — I use this to clean my make-up brushes. The bottle is huge and cost a mere 99p! It lasted me over 6 months and didn’t seem to do my brushes any harm so I will be picking up more of this.

Impulse very very pink body spray — I haven’t used impulse since my teenage years but this was a freebie with some purchases and I ended up carrying it around in my handbag for times when I needed to smell a bit fresher. The smell was actually very pleasant but I doubt I will be repurchasing.

Nalene artificial nail and polish remover — I didn’t like this at all, it was so drying to my fingers and nails and since I have been using it for over 6 months, now feels like a good time to get rid.

Quickies nail remover pads — these are so much nicer to use for polish removal and I have lost count of the number of times I have repurchased these. I found these at the £1 shop recently and Savers, which is a bonus!

Mememe Seventh Heaven — I have blogged about my love for this primer/moisturiser. I have a few more primers that I want to test and finish but as soon as I do I’m sure I will be on my repurchase list.

Bath and Body Works twilight woods body lotion — I love this! The smell of all Bath and Body Works products are all delicious, this has a delicate scent of jojoba and shea butter and absorbs quickly into the skin and does leave my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. So all I need to ask is, B&BW when are you coming to the UK?!

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