Friday, 30 November 2012

November empties

After a few slow months I finally managed to make my way through a decent number of products for this empties post.
Alpha-H balancing cleanser —  I reviewed this earlier this week. I love it, it is gentle and cleanses my skin really well. As soon as I finish a few more cleansers  in my collection I will be repurchasing this.

Victoria Secret bombshell shower gel and moisturiser — I brought these as part of a set, which also contained a body spray. The scent is sweet and delicate and using it all together felt like a nice treat. The scent didn’t stick around for a long time though and the moisturiser, although nice to use, was not very hydrating. This was an impulse buy at the time but I don't think I will be heading back for any more.

Bad Girl Scandalous Curl cream —I really enjoyed using this, my curls formed nicely and the product didn't leave a sticky residue in my hair. I picked it up from Savers originally, but I think their stock is random and unfortunately I haven't found it since!

Bath and Body works shower gel — This is in the scent Japanese cherry blossom, which I love. Not much more to say than that!

Super Facialist daily brightening cleanser — I've reviewed this recently too, it is a nice cleanser to use, but it doesn't remove all makeup with one cleanse so it isn’t something I will be repurchasing.

Benefit Porefessional —  I already have another of these, which I purchased in a set. This does lessen the look of pores and one tube lasts a long time, making it good value for money.

Elf Brow Kit (medium) — I know this isn’t finished, but I have made a good dent in it and I feel it is time to go. I brought this from the US over two years ago for $3, which at the time worked out as £1.50! Although I have enjoyed using it, I recently picked up two new products that are a much better match for my brows (which I will share soon) and based on the price and how long I have had it, I don’t feel too guilty about throwing it away prematurely.

I'm planning on going through my collection next month and getting rid of makeup that is too old or just doesn't work for me anymore. I'm finding that I'm grabbing things I have neglected for a while and tried to use them, only to realise they were neglected for a reason! The main culprits are eyeliners, so it is time to have a clear out!

Do you ever have a clear out of your makeup store? Or do you like to use everything up even if you don't like it? Let me know in the comments below.
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