Saturday, 10 November 2012

Ciate mini mani month calendar

Having not had an advent calendar for years, this year I have treated myself to two!
First to arrive was the Ciate mini mani month calendar, which contains 24 mini bottles of Ciate polish, 4 of which are caviar beads!
The packaging on the box isn't particularly Christmas themed, which I would have expected, and makes the box suitable as a gift beyond the countdown to Christmas.
The back of the box lists all the colours contained, with the exception of 3 exclusive colours. Personally I would have preferred that all the colours were a surprise but I guess the there is still the surprise element in which colour you will get each day.

I purchased my box from QVC, for £31.20 plus postage. I think this is a great price, working out at less than £1.50 a bottle!

If you would like to see swatches of each of the polishes and discover what is behind each door I will be starting the mini mani month from 1st December!
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