Sunday, 7 October 2012

What I will…and won’t spend my money on

After attending the #LiveBloggers event and talking about our best budget and high end buys I started thinking, rather than looking at which brands, on the whole, offer good budget and luxury products — what do I think is worth spending my money on?

For me, anything more than £15 is considered a luxury product and anything over £10 has me pause and think about whether or not I really need it and has me online checking blog reviews and looking for a cheaper price! 

I definitely consider myself a bargain hunter and I love 3 for 2 deals, QVC and of course sales and Christmas box sets because they offer the best value for money and usually the chance to try out products that I wouldn't necessarily consider buying other wise.

Skin care
I will spend almost anything on my skin care. I spent years making my way through everything that is offered in Boots but ultimately my best results have come with the higher priced items. On the whole my cleansers, serums and treatment products tend to be the most pricey but I can get away with drug store products for exfoliators and makeup remover. I'm yet to find a moisturiser that I can't live without but I would be willing to spend a little more on something that I really felt made a difference.

I’m also going to chuck makeup primer in under this category as sometimes they actually offer skin care benefits and for that reason I would be willing to pay more for a good primer that will help my makeup stay in place all day, as well as improve my overall skin condition. 

Body washes and moisturisers

I always go for cheap and cheerful with these. I have been fortunate enough to try samples of more expensive brands but they haven't done anything remarkable that has made me feel the need to repurchase. I would love to try a shower wash and lotion combination that leaves my skin scented but usually the scent stays in my bathroom.

Nail polish
I have tried brands like OPI, Ciate, Nails Inc and frankly have been disappointed, so my go to nail polish brands are Barry M and Rimmel. They have great formulations, dry quickly, a good colour range and stay chip free longer than the aforementioned brands! I would be willing to spend money on a decent base and/or top coat especially if it makes my manicure last longer.


My Bella Pierre mineral foundation costs £35, which is a lot but it lasts me a year and, other than the occasional dip into BB cream, I don't use anything else. So if you are someone who likes to break things down into costs per wear, it works out at 10p per day! I happened to get really lucky in TK Maxx recently and found a kit containing my exact shade for £30!

 I took quite a jump from purchasing high street foundations, which were around £10, to the mineral foundation I now use but considering that a regular foundation needs to be replaced every 3-6 months for hygiene reasons, overall the annual spend is the same and my skin feels and more importantly looks better for it.

 Lip products
I can't bring myself to spend a lot of money on any type of lip products. I don't use them enough for a start and I am not sure what benefit a £20 lipstick has over a £5 one?


With brands like Sleek offering a good selection of blushes for less than £5, I don't see the need to spend any more than that. I do own a few Benefit blushes, and although I love them, I do think they are pricey. My all time favourite bronzer is actually from VIVO at Tesco.

Eye makeup 
As a rule I only buy palettes, I think they offer the best value for money, can be organised neatly and take away the need for me to figure out what colours work together! Also, as I found out on my recent trip to Amsterdam, a good palette can save a lot of space in the suitcase. If you do break the price down into cost per shadow then it can work out cheaper than buying lots of individual pots, even from more affordable brands. I do have some of the more high-end eyeshadow brands in my collection but brands like Sleek have great palettes that are really good value and offer a similar colour pay-off.

As for mascara, so often I end up with them as freebies from multi-buy offers or in value sets that I haven't yet needed to buy one, so I don't really feel that I can comment.

The one thing I would pay almost any price for is an eyeliner pencil that will last in my waterline all day, but I am yet to find it!

Hair care

I want to do a separate post about my hair care, but in general I do not spend a lot of money. With shampoo and conditioner I tend to opt for whatever is on offer or I head to the £1 shop. I am willing to spend more on a curly hair styling products (that is anything between £6-£9). The exception to this is argan oil, but I have been able to find this cheaply from small Moroccan stores in London. 

Feel free to treat this as a tag (especially my fellow #LiveBloggers!) or respond in the comments below, I'd love to know, what will you, and won't you, spend your money on?

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