Wednesday, 17 October 2012

KeraStraight intense boost treatment

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to be invited for an ‘intense boost' treatment by KeraStraight at Salon international.
Being a natural curly head my first question was 'what will this do to my curls?' Once I was reassured that my curls wouldn't be affected, I decided that I wanted to go for the moisture boost, which as the name suggests, adds moisture to hair and should help to tame frizz.
The before shot

The treatment started with a clarifying shampoo, which opens up the hair follicles ready for the moisture mask. The mask is applied in sections to damp hair and then combed through. To 'activate' the mask, the hair is then dried and any remaining mask is rinsed off.

After the treatment I had my hair blow dried with some bouncy curls added for volume. My hair feels really soft and looks incredibly shiny. The treatment seems to have revived my colour too, which is an added bonus.

My stylist advised me to try to not wash my hair for three days, which will help the treatment last even longer (it is already meant to last a month!) and to use a natural shampoo. I'm looking forward to seeing how easy my curly hair is to manage.
and after

There is another form of intense boost treat available, a keratin boost, which is most suited for people with weak hair. I was pleased to find out that the products are available to buy from Salons that offer the treatment so that you can do it yourself at home. The cost of the treatment varies from salon to salon, but my stylist told me that her salon offers the treatment for £20, including styling, which I was much cheaper than I would expect.

I also had a chat with her about the regular KeraStraight treatments, she explained that because there are different levels of the treatment, by using the lowest one, I could achieve frizz-free hair for 3 months without losing the curl..... but at around £160 for the treatment, I need to start saving.

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