Friday, 12 October 2012

Boots cold sore machine!

I know this is an unconventional item to review on a beauty blog but as a sufferer of cold sore attacks, I hope that any of my readers who suffer from the same issue will find this post helpful.
Personally cold sores make me feel more self-concious and uncomfortable than any scar or spot ever has. They may only last a week at a time but its position on my lip means that it can hurt to eat, drink and even talk!

When I woke up on Saturday morning with that familiar tingle and a wedding to look forward to in the evening I knew I didn't want to go through the week long process of the sore appearing and then healing. So after a quick internet search I rushed down to Boots and picked up their cold sore machine.

The machine has to be the dodgiest product I have ever purchased. First off it is £35.99, much more than a tube of aciclovir. It works by producing an invisible light, the frequency of which is meant to enhance the local immune response to the cold sore virus. Other than the beep at the start and end of the three-minute treatment cycle, I had no idea if it was doing anything at all. There is no heat or tingling.... nothing!
So the proof really is in the fact, that 3 days on, my cold sore dried up and never formed the large blister I was expecting. The instructions state to use the device once every 12 hours but that it can be used more frequently, which of course I did!

I hope that in the future I can just carry this around in my bag and with any hint of a tingle, use the treatment and stop the cold sore from appearing at all. My only advice to anyone who owns this device is that, when not in use, remove the battery since it is far to easy to turn on accidentally especially if it is in your handbag.

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