Tuesday, 18 September 2012

New hair colour, Fiery Red!

I’m not an impulsive person in nature but this weekend I coloured my hair, and not my usual some  shade of brown that makes me feel like I’m being adventurous with colour colouring, but a proper obvious and very different hair colour.
The shade was Fiery Red by Garnier Nutrisse, maybe it was the curly haired woman on the box that drew me to it, I’m not sure, but knowing full well that it wouldn’t actually look that shade I decided to try it anyway.

So how did it turn out………
The application was easy, mix the two tubes together, apply all over and rinse. I left the colour to develop for about 25 minutes, with the maximum recommended time 35 minutes. It then took about twice that time to wash the colour out. The instructions state to rinse until the water comes away clear but this never seemed to happen. 
I absolutely love the shade, in the past, colour has really scared me and had this been a negative experience I would have immediately coloured my hair brown again! But for now I am happy to stay a red head. It is one of those shades that looks different depending on the lighting, and is very difficult to photograph because of that reason!

As much as I love the shade I can’t decide what it has done to the appearance of my skin tone, do I look more red generally to you? Or do I look fairer than I actually am? My eyebrows seem to look naturally darker now, which is a good thing.

One thing I have noticed though is that I do feel much more confident as a red head and I want to try being a bit more adventurous with my makeup looks to compliment the new hair shade, maybe it is time to channel my inner Jessica Rabbit or master the pin-up look?

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