Thursday, 6 September 2012

Montagne Jeunesse, SPArty and fabric clay!

Thanks to the lovely Annabella Skinscrubs, back early in July I was lucky enough to attend the Montagne Jeunesse SPArty for the launch of a new face mask range.

Montagne Jeunesse is a brand I have used since my teens, sneakily slipping sachets into the shopping trolley, so it was great to learn more about the brand — for example, did you know it is British and based in Wales?

The event was amazing, there were fruit-air infused balloons, miracle berries and my favourite part, the opportunity to play beauty scientist and mix up my own face mask!
I also had a chat with Colin, The Beauty Scientist, and although I was disappointed to learn that I probably never will get to be a beauty scientist myself, it was interesting to hear how the products are developed and some tips.

Now onto the reason for the party and the launch of two new masks, fabric, clay infused masks!
Montagne Jeunesse are keen to get everyone using these face masks once a week for a "deep cleansing experience". In the past I have blogged about my love of fabric masks, which are quick and easy to use, these however, these are unique because they are made using bamboo fabric and are infused with clay.

There are two types of mask, glacial clay and dead sea mud. The dead sea mud clay face mask feels very cooling on the skin, which I haven’t experienced with clay based masks before. I did find that my eyes stung very slightly but this wasn’t uncomfortable.

The glacial face mask on the other hand was quite different. Although I didn’t like the smell as much, the experience was much more relaxing and I even drifted off!
As you would with a typical face mask, after cleansing your skin you apply the mask and sit back for 10-15 minutes after which peel off the fabric and massage in the remaining clay before rinsing off any excess.

Apart from the experience of using the mask I didn’t notice any other differences in the way my skin looked and felt. My skin felt soft and looked brighter and clearer immediately after using these and I have already reordered both masks on their website.

These should now be available in stores, but I recommend going straight for an online order because most stockists don’t have the full range of products.
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