Tuesday, 25 September 2012

ImPress press on manicure review

I have to admit I highly doubted these were going to last 7 minutes let alone 7 days. I’ve used the sticky pads for false nails in the past and they have pinged off immediately and I expected these to be the same.
But I was very wrong, this is day 10 and, with the exception of two, they are still on and feel strong. Two of the nails began to feel loose, and from what I can tell the glue from the sticky pad disintegrates and the nails can then be popped off easily and with no damage to the real nail.
They do not feel as thick as false nails and, therefore, don’t take any getting used to. The length of the nails is perfect too, so there is no need for filing or trimming.

I received these as part of the LFW goody bag earlier in the year so I didn’t choose the colour and at first glance I wasn’t really that impressed if I am honest. However, once I actually took them out of the packet and applied them I saw that the nails are a very pretty brown/red shade (actually very similar to my hair colour) and are very autumn appropriate. In fact I am on the look out for a polish that is this shade so if you know of any please comment below!

I would definitely repurchase these, I think they are around £7-8, which is a little on the pricy side, but I would save them for a trip away or an event and choose a set that has a design rather than a block colour.
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