Monday, 3 September 2012

August empties

I’m very pleased with my empties this month, aside from not having them thrown away prematurely I managed to get through a decent number of products, quite possibly my highest number to date!
Sanctuary shower oil — I’m not going to lie I picked this up because of the Egyptian theme and my obsession with all things Egypt. Although I like using body and face oils, as a wash this didn't really work for me. Surprisingly unlike a regular oil this sat on my skin and didn't spread unless I applied water, at that point it was a race to get a decent lather before it washed off completely! This isn't on my repurchase list.

This works: clean skin — I’ve blogged about this previously, luckily I picked this up in the clearance section at Boots. At it's regular price it is a bit pricey for what it is but I did like using it and it cleansed my skin well. If I found it in the clearance section again or on special offer I would repurchase it.

Re-Gen cream — I love bio-oil but with the oil version of the Re-Gen cream considered its dupe I was curious about the cream version. The cream is light and runny, but it does soak into the skin well. Although this did a good job of moisturising it didn't help with my scarring too, which is what I love about Bio Oil.

Bionsen remineralising cream — I picked this up in TK Maxx because of the word “remineralising” (I’m starting to realise there are a few key words that seem to suck me into buying products and I really need to watch out for that!) As soon as I applied it my skin felt really dry, I’m not sure why this is, but that certainly isn’t what I want or expect from a moisturiser! Safe to say, even if I knew where to get this, I won’t be repurchasing.

Lynx for girls — I was completely sucked in by the advertising with this one, I thought the ad campaigns were great. The spray on the other hand smelt ok but I don’t tend to use spray deodorant so I won’t be repurchasing this.
Liz Earle shampoo — another “natural” shampoo fail for me, although the product smelt good and did lather well compared to other natural shampoos I have tried, I still didn’t get a clean feeling.

Liz Earle hand repair — I kept this at my desk at work to apply throughout the day. It soaks in well and doesn’t feel too greasy on the hands but the scent is a little too herbal for my liking. I still have a few more of these at home from kits I have purchased in the past, otherwise it is a very forgettable product.

Liz Earle eye serum — this gel is designed to be used in the evenings and I have to say that I have noticed a difference in the lines and overall look of my eye area since using this. That being said, I am terrible at using an eye cream regularly, so I think the fact that I have used something rather than nothing might be the reason for the result?

Molten Brown lip saver — another item that sat at my desk. I wasn’t actually a fan of this so I’m glad to finally be rid of it. It doesn’t feel very moisturising but it feel greasy. Also I am not a fan of having to apply lip products with my finger.
L’Oreal studio fibre cream gel — this was an experimental purchase, to see if any product could work with my curls….. this doesn’t. I have previously used, and liked, the fibre gel from the brand Fudge (another product not specifically aimed for those with curly hair) and thought that this might give a similar result for a lower price. However, the consistency was a thick gel and it left my hair feeling sticky. I’m sure for anyone with short, straight hair this would be an ideal product for really structured styles but certainly not for my fellow curly heads.

Jergens daily moisture — I have also blogged about this product recently. It is something I would potentially consider for repurchase because it is so reasonably priced, but I have so many other moisturisers to get through that when it comes round to having to buy a new moisturiser I’m not sure that I will immediately pick up this.

That’s my lot for this month. I am hoping that next month I will have at least one makeup product featured, I seem to get through skin and hair care products at a reasonable rate but rarely use up my makeup, which is probably a reflection of how much I own rather than how much I use it!

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