Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Liz Earle series: Sheer skin tint

It has been a while since my last Liz Earle series post but I’m back with a review of the sheer skin tint, which I have been using on and off since my trip to Dubai back in March.
 Looking back I am not sure what I expected from this product. I hoped that on holiday it would provide a good alternative to foundation, evening out my skin tone without being too heavy and not melting in the heat.

Unfortunately while I Dubai my skin broke out quite badly. I suspect that it was the water because my hair wasn’t in the best condition either. Anyway, this meant that something with only sheer coverage just wasn’t going to cut it for covering up redness. The product naturally gives a dewy finish, which in the heat meant that I looked very shiny, nothing that a dusting of powder couldn’t fix, but being shiny and red isn’t a good look. Suffice to say, I wasn’t loving it and was glad that I made a last minute decision to include my mineral foundation!

After I returned to the UK and my skin calmed down I gave the product another shot, but it just didn’t deliver the “perfect way to enhance your skin”. It really is sheer (hence the lack of face photos), but that left me wondering, whats the point? Even away from the heat here, the product still looked to shiny rather than dewy.

I use shade beige (02), which is the closest match to my skin tone but not perfect. The consistency is slightly heavier than a moisturiser and there is no smell to the product. I have applied with my fingers and a foundation brush, but personally, I tend to over apply with fingers and like to buff the product in.

If you are looking for any sort of coverage, this isn’t the product to try. Equally, if you are looking for something to enhance your skin, I would recommend a tinted moisturiser or a BB cream, which in some cases are cheaper and have added benefits. I think this is only suitable for those with a next to flawless complexion and to them I would say, lucky you, skip the tint!

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