Thursday, 9 August 2012

Keeping your skin hydrated

In terms of skin care, dehydration can be a really big issue. I decided to write this post because hydration becomes a particularly big issue for me during Ramadan, when over the course of the month I fail to take in enough fluid and physically I start to feel and see the effects of this.
This isn’t skin but it is what I imagine dry skin to look like
Of course the best solution is to drink plenty of water, little but often after breaking fast. However, there are a few products I turn to for help.

Typically the first thing I will notice is that my lips begin to dry and chap. To try and combat this, first and foremost, I try not to lick them! I also use a lip balm regularly throughout the day and at night. I’ve run out of my Blistex intensive but this is the product I would recommend because it really does transform the condition of your lips overnight.

My legs also become extremely itchy when I’m dehydrated. I usually apply a moisturiser or oil straight after a shower, when my skin is still damp. This allows the oils in the moisturiser can trap the water in the top layers of the skin.

Lately I’ve been using Jergens daily moisture, which absorbs quickly into the skin and does not leave a sticky residue and it smells pretty good too.

My skin is already dry so my routine doesn’t change much. My current cleanser is This Works: clean skin. I managed to pick this up at a reduced price in Boots and have really enjoyed using it. It is very gentle and smells of rosehip oil. I have got into the habit of double-cleansing, which I have found helps to keep my skin clear. The cleanser also contains eucalyptus and frankincense, which have antibacterial benefits and probably explains why I have noticed that redness in my skin is reduced after using the cleanser.

During the day I have been using the Mememe moisturising face base followed by Body Shops skin revive from the vitamin C range. The skin revive adds a much needed glow to my skin and makes me look a lot more awake and fresh than I feel.

At night I use Bio Oil, which may be one of my favourite products of all time. Apart from smelling amazing it can make my skin feel rehydrated overnight and does not break me out. It works well on the face or body, but if you do use it on your body, you do need to let it sink in before getting changed.

Finally, as if I needed an excuse, I treat my skin regularly with a hydrating face mask. The quickest and easiest mask I have at my disposal is the Liz Earle intensive mask I have blogged about previously. However, I suggest picking up face mask that promises hydration and indulging in 20 minutes of chill time.

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