Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tropic skincare — Liz Earle but better?

Fans of the apprentice in the UK may actually know this brand as the one by candidate Susan Ma. I managed to pick up the whole product collection at the ideal home show last year and although the packaging has changed since, I am assuming the products inside are the same!

I couldn’t help but compare this to Liz Earle, the pale colour of the packaging combined with the hot cloth three-step system was just too familiar. I have been using this for over two months now and I can certainly say that I prefer this three-step system.
The smoothing cleanser has a thick and creamy consistency, which when applied to the skin changes to a thinner consistency. The cleanser comes with a bamboo cloth, which is meant to retain heat for longer — which I would agree with — and have naturally antibacterial properties. The cleanser is very effective at removing makeup and my skin feels really smooth after using this.

The toner is my favourite product in the range, it has a light fresh scent and is really refreshing to use. I think it smells like rose water, even though the top two ingredients are aloe vera juice and camomile!
The moisturiser is my least favourite of the products, although as I have used it I don’t dislike it as much as I initially did. At first, even with my dry skin, I found the moisturiser too greasy feeling — and for this reason it is not something I would recommend for anyone with oily skin — but as I have got through the pot I have liked using it more and more. The scent isn’t pleasant, but it isn’t very offensive either. 
Some final things I thought I would point out is that I recognise all of the products ingredients, which is always a good thing in my opinion. The products are of 100% natural origin, cruelty free and vegan, which again is a positive for the brand, even though I don’t necessarily look out for these things when I buy skin care. 

The products are similar in price to Liz Earle, which is really offputting for me.  The cleanser alone just under £15 and a kit with all three products and an eye roll on costing around £42. Overall I do like the products — but considering the price — not enough to justify another purchase unless I find it at a special price again.

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