Monday, 9 July 2012

Stop cracking (me) up

I’m not going to lie, I picked this up because of the packaging. I never usually make a decision on a product by its cover but on this occasion I desperately needed a lip balm and this one was screaming “choose me!”
On a particularly chapped lip day, I was looking for a lip balm that would offer intense moisture that I would feel comfortable using during the day time. I have used and reviewed the Blistex intensive moisturiser but one of the things I disliked about it, is the fact it is a cream rather than a balm and takes a while to absorb, which means I only use it at night.
This anatomicals balm on the other hand is actually a balm. I found it to be really moisturising when my lips were at their driest, almost as effective as Blistex.

It has no scent, is not sticky and lasts well. I like the slanted tip applicator and the thickness of the balm means that you would have to squeeze on the tube pretty hard to end up with an excess of product on your lips.

Now I’m not going to lie, the packaging is cute but it helped my decision (a lot) that the price is very purse friendly £2.55 for 15ml of product.

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