Saturday, 2 June 2012

May empties

Another month has ended and I can finally throw away the pile of rubbish accumulating on my bathroom floor, but what was there you wonder?

Well, here’s what….
Satsuma shower gel (The Body Shop) — This shower gel has one of those gorgeous scents that fills the bathroom after you use it. The huge 750ml size meant that it lasted me months. All that said, unless it is on some sort of special offer I won’t go out of my way to repurchase it. However, I will look out for large sized bottles of shower gel they are good value for money and it means I throw out less plastic each month.

Get curls (Samy) — I have tried the Samy curl cream in the past, this does the same job but is a gel. It is a little too fluid for my liking but even when I do apply more than I intended it doesn’t leave my hair feeling crunchy. Definitely one I will repurchase in the future.

Skin repair moisturiser (Liz Earle) — I am not sure if anyone can relate to this but I have reviewed this product recently and although it wasn’t a negative review, I wasn’t hugely impressed with the moisturiser. However, compared to what I am using at the moment this is amazing and I almost miss it. I won’t be rushing out to buy it any time soon but if it is ever included in a QVC TSV again, I won’t sigh about it.

Instant boost skin tonic (Liz Earle) — Again, I have reviewed this previously and I really like this toner. I still have a few sample sizes floating around so no need to repurchase just yet.

Concealer pencil and brush (ELF) — I love this concealer, I will do a full review at some point because I am aware I have mentioned it in the past but never fully reviewed it. I always buy these in multiples and I am down to my last one now, which means I will have an ELF haul some time soon.

Cream eyeliner (ELF) — This is something that definitely won’t be on my ELF repurchase list. I purchased the shade copper and black at the same time. Copper is a beautiful shade (a great alternative to brown eyeliner) but had a much drier formulation than the black when it first arrived and dried out almost immediately. The black is on its way to being completely dry too, but hopefully I’ll get a bit more use out of it.

Cream eyeliner (Saffron) — This came with my eyeliner stencils and was very smooth and creamy but sadly this has also dried out.

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