Monday, 28 May 2012

They’re Real! Benefit mascara review

Benefit’s Bad Gal Lash is the only mascara I have used, loved and repurchased. However, last year Benefit released They’re Real and replaced Bad Gal Lash as my favourite mascara.
They’re Real is a false-lash effect mascara, which is perfect for me since I can’t/don’t like applying false lashes. The secret to the mascara is in the wand. The rounded end means that each and every lash can be coated, and it only takes the one coat to get the effect.
For me, it’s perfect because it does the job it’s meant to do without clumping my lashes together or ending up all over my lids. I can easily get away with just one coat to get the effect I want.
Naked lashes
They’re real!
I have grown to like the packaging on this, although I am not much of a packaging girl generally. But I like that it is not too long and fits into makeup bags and pockets easily.

If I had to find a fault with this I would say that, because it is so effective at coating every lash, I don’t like the defined look you get on the lower lashes (think Twiggy). I skip using this on my lower lash line and opt instead to applying eyeliner so that my lower lashes are more subtly defined.

*This was a gift from my little sister. Thanks Sis! 

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