Monday, 23 April 2012

Quick review: No7 exfoliating sponge

I didn’t want to spend my No7 voucher but it felt rude not to, so I picked up No7’s exfoliating sponge, worth £5.

The packaging states:

For radiant skin use regularly to help remove dead skin cells and aid circulation. Apply your No7 cleanser to the face. Moisten sponge with warm water and massage gently over the face in a circular motion. Use once or twice a week.

I only use this once a week, the sponge is quite rough (think of the scourer you get onto of kitchen sponges) and even though my skin is pretty resilient, more than once a week would be a bit harsh.

I use this in the shower after applying cleanser and very lightly, as the instructions state, massage over my skin in circular motions. I don’t spend more than a minute in total and then rinse off. You can of course apply more pressure, but I think this is too harsh and it just makes the whole experience unpleasant!

My skin feels very smooth and fresh after use but also a little dry. This is a great option if you want to work exfoliation into your skin care routine without a separate product (also a good holiday space saving product!)

However, this isn’t something I would recommend to anyone with sensitive skin, I think the sponge is too harsh and will just cause irritation.

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