Friday, 13 April 2012

Clinique 3-step skin care system review

I trialled the 3-step skin care system from Clinque for the month of February. After a consultation with one of the staff in Debenhams I purchased skin type two for dry combination skin.

The set is made up of a mild liquid facial soap, a clarifying lotion and a moisturising lotion and promises to create the cleanest and healthiest version in just two weeks (or your money back according to the website). 

Individually I did like the products, but the results I found were mixed and I do not think that overall the products had a positive result on my skin. The cleanser lathers well and I could use it with my clarisonic easily. The scent wasn’t unpleasant, but I could smell a slight artificial/alcohol scent. I found the wash very slightly drying, but I do think that I probably should have opted for the kit meant for drier skin.

I enjoyed the process of using a toner again in my skin care routine. The clarifying lotion is meant to act as your exfoliation step. It does have an alcohol scent and contains salicylic acid (concentrations vary depending on skin type) to help move oil and dead cell build up, which I really like and I think this step probably was responsible for the positive effects I saw.  

The moisturiser was my favourite component of the kit, it helped to make my skin feel less dry and I didn’t find that I built up any flaky patches of skin over the time I used this. It soaked into the skin well and didn’t leave any residue feeling so I could move on to applying my makeup quickly. The only thing I disliked about the moisturiser was the bottle, which made is designed so that it is so difficult to control how much product comes out and toward the end, to get any product out at all.

In the first week I found that my parts of my face looked very clear and smooth, almost radiant, but other parts of my face were getting clusters of breakouts, which were deep under the skin, very inflamed and took a long time to clear. Over the weeks all that seemed to happen is that these breakout clusters spread across to different parts of my face so I never had a period of completely clear skin in the time I was using the products.

I’m not sure why this happened, considering I used the products for a month I would have expected if there was any adjustment period — although recently I’ve heard this is a beauty myth — that I would have got through it and seen the positive effects. I’m also not sure that if I had brought the kit for drier skin types, I might have had a better experience.

I brought the 3-step system as a trial kit for £20, which I think is a great set for Clinque to offer, being affordable enough to test the product out first before committing to full sizes. The fact that it lasts a month means that you do get enough time to really see how your skin responds to the products and make an informed decision. I would suggest that if you do decide to try this, really know your skin type and select the right kit.

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