Monday, 30 April 2012

April empties

I didn’t get through too much this month. I think I am almost done with all my half used bottles of products and small samples, but that being said my cupboards don’t seem to look any barer.

Naked boost revitalising shampoo — I managed to find this in the 99p store! I still want to love natural shampoos but my hair always looks and feels greasy much more quickly after using theses so I have taken to shampooing twice, which has helped but I never felt the need to do this with regular shampoo. I have started alternating the shampoos I use though as I heard a tip from DermTV that this was good for your hair — I will of course update on this if I notice a difference.

Advanced Techniques frizz control conditioner — My aunty used to be an Avon lady and after she quit we ended up with what seemed to be hundreds of bottles of this conditioner. I really like using the serum in the same range but the conditioner is nothing too special in my opinion.

Umbertio Giannini dazzling shine in the spotlight mist — this has to have been in my cupboard for years, I’m not even sure if the product is still available. Very glad to be done with this, I just don’t care enough to use this on top of everything else for the sake of a little shine.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish — I did a review of this very recently. I am down to my last bottle now but I  know QVC has a special value coming up on Thursday!

No7 protect and perfect intense beauty serum — I love this serum, this was just a sample I had left over but I also have a full sized one to use, which is my third or fourth tube. I will post a full review soon.

Kleenex eye make-up removal wipes — I took these on holiday with me and still had some left over when I returned. There are 30 sheets in a pack and I only needed one each time to remove all my eye make-up, which makes these good value for money. I still prefer the Halo wipes though.

Soap and Glory clean girls body wash — another sample body wash. I really liked this, my skin felt soft and moisturised after using and it has a nice subtle scent. I would consider repurchasing this.

White Glo extra strength whitening toothpaste— I wouldn’t normally include my used up toothpaste tubes in an empties post but this was actually included in the February Carmine box so I thought it would be worth a mention. There isn’t much I can say about toothpaste but I did have a comment that my teeth looked whiter in the time that I was using this so I would be tempted to repurchase it if I could find it easily.

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