Tuesday, 13 March 2012

My experience at the Benefit brow bar

Benefit’s brow bar were also present at LFWend and offering a discounted price on all their service. Having grown my eyebrows out since my HD brows experience, they were in desperate need of a tidy and I decided to take advantage of Benefit’s special offer.

Because my decision was quite sporadic I didn’t go any of the sensible things a beauty blogger should do like take “before” shots and pictures of the stand but hopefully you can still get a good idea of the service.

I was cautious after my HD brow experience, which I think left me looking uneven. So the first thing I did was tell the “brow man” that I am aware that one of my eyebrows sits higher than the other and is more arched and that I wanted them as even as possible.

The first step was to dye my eyebrows, the colour was left on for 1 minute. The same as HD brows, he mixed a bit of the colour with a blue dye, which is meant to give a more glossy and natural finish. My eyebrows immediately look better dyed, being naturally very fair.

He then waxed my eyebrows, which involved me pulling a few funny faces, and after plucking out the odd hair I was done!

In all not only was this treatment quicker, but I preferred the finish so much more. My eyebrows were even and he caught every hair and I will definitely revisit Benefit in the future.

On the day Benefit were also offering a deal include eyelash dying, which I also tried. This involved me sitting with my eyes closed for 15 minutes with the dye on my lashes. That was the longest 15 minutes I have experienced, especially with the noise and bustle around of other people shopping. The urge to open my eyes was so strong, but at the same time I was very aware that I had dye on my lashes and I was worried what would happen if it did get into my eye.

After the first 10 minutes or so one of my eyes started to tingle, which only increased my paranoia! But I was reassured that it is completely normal and that usually people have one eye that is stronger than the other, which is why I only felt it in one.

I have to admit though, once the dye was taken off I really didn’t see a huge difference. My eyelashes are naturally dark and this didn’t do much to make them look darker or thicker — but they do seem to look more curled and I can notice the smaller lashes toward the inner corner of my eye more.

I expected that dying my eyelashes would mean I could get away without a mascara every day, but maybe that is not what this treatment is intended for? I personally wouldn’t repeat this treatment again, for people with already dark lashes it isn’t going to add much.

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