Sunday, 4 March 2012

February empties

It has been a good month for empties, I have almost got through all of the half used products in my cupboard, which means more space and the chance to start testing out some new products.

So here is what I finished in February….

L’Oreal gentle eye make-up remover — I did not like this at all, it didn’t remove all my eye-makeup first, second or even third time. Recommendations for a new, decent remover would be very welcome!

Body Shop vitamin C cleansing polish — I have reviewed this previously, nothing special and I doubt I will ever repurchase it.

Naked style gorgeous curls cream — I liked this but not as much as the Samy products I have used previously. Although my hair curled nicely, the product built up and left a greasy feeling.

Dove intensive repair — this was a sample I received in a magazine. It did leave my hair feeling soft immediately after washing and I liked that you only needed to leave it in a minute to get the effect, but the fact that it didn’t really last means I probably won’t purchase a full size.

Davidoff Cool Water — another perfume finished this month. Not one of my favourites but I am emotionally attached to it, it reminds me of University days, so I probably will end up repurchasing this at some stage.

Avon perfect wear liquid eyeliner —I really liked using this, but it dried up after about three weeks and although I would like to try the felt-tip style again I’m not sure if others will all end up in the bin as quickly too.

Johnson’s 3 in 1 cleansing lotion — this isn’t a great cleanser but it does leave skin feeling really soft and smooth and is great when you are feeling lazy and want to do everything in one quick step.

Clinque 3-step — I picked up the 3-step starter kit since always wanted to try it. The cleanser and moisturiser lasted me the whole month of February and I will have a review up soon!

Crest 3D whitestrips — Another product I have blogged about previously. I found these too harsh to use for a full treatment cycle but I would repurchase something else from the range.

Nail polish remover — just a cheap one from Asda that I am glad to be done with.

Body shop white musk body powder — I abandoned this for a long time but enjoyed finishing this up. I used it after showing and it left a nice subtle scent on my skin.

Chinese miracle — this was one of the first products I ever reviewed. Although I did like it I’m glad to have the extra space in my cupboard.

Well, even if I do say so myself I am pretty impressed! The plan for the month of March is to start using up all the little sample products I have accumulated, hopefully I will find a few gems and at the same time free up more much needed space. 

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