Sunday, 11 March 2012

Back to shellac – Tropix mix

In preparation for my holiday I decided to re-apply Shellac to my nails, which should hopefully last me the three weeks I am away.

I wanted to go for a neutral but bright colour to suit the weather. The salon I visited had a few swatches but two points worth bearing in mind when selecting your colour. The first is that the bottle looks nothing like the colour and the second is that the majority of swatches are done on the clear nail wheels, which again are not representative of the colour since they don’t take into account the colour of your nailbed. 

The colour I chose is a mix of colours Tropix and Ice Coral, with two coats of each applied. Tropix is a very bright orange/coral shade, adding Ice coral on top makes the shade completely different and tones down the brightness, the colour has a sheer finish and adds what looks like shimmer to the tropix colour, which is more matte.

I added the second coat to tone down the colour further and ended up with a nice peach-coral shade and finally the top coat gives the amazing shine, which was my favourite feature of the manicure last year. I have pictures of how well the manicure grew out last year and I expect this to be exactly the same.

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