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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Snow nails

When the snow fell and I was all snuggled up at home I decided to attempt a snow inspired nail look.
I even attempted an artsy photo! 
I have not attempted much nail art but decided to try a faded look. Instead of using a series of colours and blending them into one another, I used an old sponge to add white to the tips of my nails.

I used an old blue No7 polish as the base, which has a sheer finish and worked well for this look. For the sponging I used Barry M white, which I placed directly on the sponge and blotted off the excess so that only there was only a light transfer of colour onto the nail. I concentrated the colour only on the tips and tried to place more colour at the edge of the nail compared to where the white met the blue colour in order to look like snow fall on my nails!

To finish of the look I applied one coat of glitter polish.

I am hoping to attempt more nail art in the future, what would you like to see next?

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  1. I've got that white Barry M too and I have no idea what to do with it as it reminds me of tippex! Stupid question what kind of sponge did you use?

  2. Loves it! The gradient effect is just perfect <3 xo

  3. these are very pretty xx

  4. awwww they turned out so great!! :)


  5. really pretty. I wish I had the patience for this kind of thing!! Seriously, I am rubbish at doing my nails.

  6. That looks fantastic! I really like the idea of using a sponge and I might have to try that myself soon :) really pretty blue too xx

  7. I absolutely love them! Definitely going to be trying this at some point soon. Have you tried a navy (or any other dark colour) with small white polka dots? I saw it somewhere and it looks really good too.


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