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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

January empties

January is over already! Since I enjoy reading empties post I decided I would start doing these each month, there have been quite a few products I have actively made an attempt to use up since they have been hanging around my bathroom far too long.

So here we go…..

Excuse how grimy these bottles look but they spent a long time in the bottom of the shower! 

Schwarzkopf Seah hairspa cashmere cream masque — In keeping with my new years resolution I have treated my hair more. This is a really rich and nourishing masque, which smells gorgeous and left my hair feeling really soft and moisturised. It came as part of a gift set originally so I don’t know how much it would cost to buy, definitely a contender for the repurchase list. 

Johnson’s baby oil — I use this after showering to moisturise my skin. I like to apply any moisturiser to damp skin to help lock in the moisture so having this in the shower worked really well for that. Being an oil it meant it lasted ages and is also super cheap! 

Soap and Glory the fab pore face mask— I really liked this and will probably repurchase once I get through the rest of my face masks. It lasted ages too and I was using it at least 3 times a month, which makes it great value for money. 

Avon face perfector — I did a review on this recently. I am actually cheating and chucking this out without finishing it, but I noticed that after using it everyday I started to get some nasty breakouts, and I couldn’t put it down to anything else, so it had to go.

Urban Decay primer potion — finally reached the end of this sample that came with my book of shadows III. I really like this and would repurchase it, although I do have high expectations of my Bella Pierre primer.

Emporio Armarni Diamonds — this is my second favourite scent of all time and I already have a replacement for it.

Bella Pierre foundation — I think it has taken me about a year to get through the 9g of foundation, I have raved about this product many times and have already replaced it.

I feel quite accomplished getting through all of these and I  am glad to see my cupboard emptying. Do you enjoy empties posts as much as I do?

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  1. you have inspired me to do the same! i have SOOO many bottles and tubes lying around half empty and i still open new!! i know you're blog isn't primarily a nail blog but i like it and i've tagged u in a nail polish tag on mine if u'd like to do it :)

  2. Wow, thumbs up for usinbg up a perfume!

  3. Just posted my empties yesterday! I never use up perfume and I've got bazillion body lotions to get through. There is something very satisfying about using stuff up so yes all do your empties posts!

  4. I love empties posts and just started my own as my plan for 2012 is to spend as little as possible on beauty/cosmetics and use up what I have.
    Good post :)

  5. beautybabbling24 January 2013 00:37

    I love the feeling of finishing products up. I plan on working on an empties post tomorrow because I've got quite a few things collected, and I want to throw them out!

  6. I love J&J baby oil :) I have to try the Soap and Glory face mask.

  7. I really like post like this, I find it very difficult to finish my products, but I'm really proud when I actually finish something. Urban Decay primer potion is amazing. xx

  8. chamadi0991111807624 January 2013 00:37

    I got lots of information by your post. Everything define in this post very beautiful way. You should continue do this type of post.
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  9. we're half way thru Feb and i've already managed to get rid of like 9 items... i'm soooo chuffed!


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