Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Quick review: Body Shop vitamin C facial cleansing polish

I am not really a body shop fan, but after finding an outlet store that offered 40% off when you brought 4 items I thought I might put my prejudice aside and give them another try.

I picked up three items from the vitamin C range, the facial cleansing polish being one of them. They also have a vitamin C microdermabrasion wash but after having a quick feel of the granules they felt too harsh even for me!

The granules in this scrub are much more gentle, which makes this suitable for every day use. I personally like to leave a face scrub to use in the shower, since they are much less messy that way. The scrub combined with the light orange scent meant that this was very refreshing to use in the morning and wake me up.

Overall, I liked this but I didn’t love it. My skin felt clean after use and I didn’t notice any reaction but at the same time I didn’t see any noticeable improvement.

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