Saturday, 14 January 2012

Perfume sale shopping

I didn’t bother with the sales this year, I had a quick look online for work shoes and nothing caught my eye and I really didn’t want to battle my way through the crowds.

I did, however, pop into Boots to check out their half price sale. I hoped to get a few of the Christmas sets I had seen but all the good stuff had gone (probably for the best!) What I did find was some perfume box sets…

First up, one of my favourite scents — Emporio Armarni Diamonds. I am rubbish at describing scents, or even knowing what type of scent I typically choose, but Armani typically always seem to produce scents I like. At £24.33 for a 30ml bottle and body lotion, I thought this was a bargain — and considering I am down to my last few squirts, a new bottle was needed.

I also picked up Jean Paul Gaultier - Classique. The bottle to this scent is so iconic and I have had my eye on it for a while for that reason alone. The scent is stronger than what I normal go for but I still really like this. What I can say about the scent is that is lasts much longer than any other perfume I have known, even into the next morning I could smell the scent on my wrists. At £33.33, including a 30ml bottle, shower gel and body lotion, another bargain I think. I also really love the box this was packaged in and plan on keeping it to pull out next year to use as a photo-frame.

I am really enjoying reading sale haul posts, so please do link yours below. I will post up a short post on my favourite perfumes, not that I will be any good at describing! But for any of you who are I would love to know what scent ‘category’ I fall into — up until now finding scents I like has been down to random spray and sniff sessions.

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