Sunday, 29 January 2012

Bella Pierre all over eyes and face kit

As my foundation finally comes to an end it was time to have a new one ready to replace it. Of course the temptation of the Bella Pierre counter meant that I couldn’t just walk away with a new blush but ended up with an entire new kit of products to try.

What I like about the Bella Pierre kits is the option to choose the shades you want rather than what the company decide you should have. So after lots of swatching and advice from the sales assistants, this is what I got in my box.

1 x mineral foundation (cinnamon)
1 x mineral blush (desert rose)
2 x shimmer powders (desire and oasis dew)
1 x makeup base
1 x eyeshadow brush
1 x powder brush
1 x instructional DVD

The eyeshadow base and brushes were non-negogiable. Although combinations of kits do allow you to pick the your brushes too! I haven’t tested out the eyeshadow base yet, but what I liked about it was that it takes some of the shimmer out of the eyeshadows, which is great to have as an option especially when you want a more toned down look.

Bella Pierre now also has pressed versions of the foundation and blushers. I am used to using the loose powder foundation so I opted for the same again but I would have preferred a pressed blush. What I am really pleased to see is that the loose powders now all have sifters so that you can control how much powder is released.

I was strict with myself and opted for colours that weren’t brown! Desire is a beautiful pink/peach/gold that works well as an everyday eyeshadow. The two-dimensional tones of the colour means that it doesn’t need another colour and works really well on its own. Oasis due is a much lighter shade, and will be perfect as a highlight shade.

I have always opted for pressed eyeshadows so it will be interesting to see how I get along with these.

The desert rose blush is probably something I wouldn’t have picked if I was alone but once I had the shade put on I really liked it as an everyday natural blush. It is a lovely light pink shade, again with a hint of gold and reminds me of a better version of Sleeks rose gold, without so much shimmer.

I have already reviewed the foundation in the past, but look out for a review of the rest of the kit. The kit cost £110, but I think this is good value considering the individual cost of the products and how long they last.

Have you tried Bella Pierre, and if so what do you think?

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