Thursday, 19 January 2012

Beauty products to try in 2012

I decided to do a completely indulgent post filled with my beauty wish list products for 2012. A lot of these things I have lusted over for a while, so I thought I would put them all on page and as the year goes on, who knows, maybe I will treat myself...

Bobby Brown shimmer brick
I have wanted a shimmer brick for about 6 years, the first time I tried it was in my first year at university and have wanted it ever since. The price is what has put me off this time and even though I have tried similar looking products nothing has quite made me forget about this.

Bella Pierre skincare 
I visit the Bella Pierre counter a lot and I always get shown the skincare collection. The toner, exfoliator and primer/moisturiser appeal to me the most and this in a set along with the cleanser costs over £120. I wish they had sample/smaller sizes since I’m sure that would encourage more people to try.

Naked 2
If there was ever a product about want and not need, it is the Naked2. I have the original palette and I use it almost daily so I am sure I would also love this too. 

Paula’s Choice skin perfecting 2% BHA lotion
I have read a few reviews on this now and it is meant to be wonderful for clearing blackheads. The thing that has stopped me ordering is postage costs… I have a serious aversion to them, but there is no other way to get hold of this!

Macadamia nut hair care
I have also read a number of reviews on these, which claim that this is better than argan oil so I would be keen to at least try the oil. I have been told that the shampoo and conditioner are great for curly/thick hair too.

Seche Vite topcoat
This sounds like it would be perfect for me to keep my nails looking chip free all week. I have read lots of rave reviews on this.

Bioderma H2O
Another rave review product, I would love to see if this holds up to all the claims. 

I’m actually think this list is pretty short. I am still on the hunt for the perfect concealer, but don’t have a particular product in mind.

Do let me know if you have tried any of the above, and if you think they are really worth lusting over. 

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