Sunday, 1 January 2012

2012 beauty resolutions

Happy new year all! I have had an extremely lazy start to the year, even though I do not drink it has taken me the whole day to recover from last night, in my defence I did go with cold underway when I really should have been sensible and stayed home. But I did have a chance today to think of some beauty resolutions for the new year.

Use things up before buying anything new
I already know what things I do not need more of in 2012 and beyond, so I will not be making any purchases of products I already have plenty of. I’m not going to put a spending ban on myself because I know I will end up being tempted by the fact that I am not supposed to be spending. Instead I will attempt to be sensible, think twice and the few beauty wish list items I have, I will treat myself to over the year.

*Try* and control blackheads
There are a few new products I have heard are great at clearing blackheads, which I would like to test this year. I also would like to treat myself to regular facials, once every 3 months or so, which include extraction, something that I don’t think I could safely do myself without possibly scarring. I love Dove Spa who also do skin analysis and would like to treat myself to at least one of these just to check if my skin type has changed much and so they can offer me advice on what is best to use and what I need to focus on to keep my skin healthy and looking its best. Do let me know if you would like a review of Dove Spa facials, they are my favourite place to have a facial, I just wish they were a bit less pricey!

Treat my hair 
I don’t pay too much attention to my hair, I cut it and do intensive treatments sporadically and to keep it looking its best I really should have a better schedule for doing these.

Rotate the makeup I use
I noticed that, particularly when I get something new, I tend to wear it every day and then move onto something else, I want to start mixing up my makeup on a daily basis and making more use of everything I own.

Start body brushing
It is one of those beauty tips I always notice in magazines but have never managed to do more than a few times without abandoning. Again something I need to find a way of scheduling into my routine.

Use my No! No! Hair regularly
I have owned, and used the No No hair on and off for over a year now (I will post a review soon). In short it does work it just takes time and persistence. I need to find a routine to using this so I can get the best results, and hopefully be hair free by the end of the year.

These are all achievable resolutions, I hope! Please share your beauty resolutions as well as your tips on how to keep them!

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