Saturday, 17 December 2011

Unique Christmas gifts: recycled jewellery

I really like to buy unique gifts for people I care about. So I was really pleased this year when I came across a stall in Embankment Christmas market this year, owned by a man, called Miko (I think?!), who makes amazing jewellery using old coins amongst other things.

He has some amazing designs, the detail is so intricate and he explained to me that every single coin is unique, since he can never repeat the same design exactly.

The coins varied in design and by date, and after he told me I could choose a coin and my own design I placed an order for a coin with my mother’s year of birth and a mother daughter symbol from a design I found online.

This is the link to the original design I sent Miko . . . and this was Miko’s interpretation. I know this could be a Christmas spoiler, but I know mum doesn’t read my blog so I should be safe!

Of course, I also decided to treat myself and chose the tree of life design on a coin with my birth year.

On the day I was picking up my orders I spotted a ring, which I instantly loved and scooped up. This isn’t actually made by Miko but a friend of his using silver and copper metals purchased in India. I love the design on the copper on top and the use of the blue stones.

As much as I am a fan of good, cheap jewellery it is always nice to own something that is a little unique and that is made of recycled materials.

If you are near London or planning a trip in the next week, I would definitely check out the Christmas market and Miko’s stall. He also has a website, which includes some of the designs he is capable of.

Let me know below what your favourite piece of jewellery is, and where is the most interesting place you found it.

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