Sunday, 4 December 2011

Nails of the week: Barry M mix

So after reading on my last nails post that there was another LIMITED EDITION foil effects polish by Barry M, I knew I had to go out and buy is immediately. The deal was spend £6 and the foil effect was free.

Although I was tempted to try a few of their lipsticks, the Superdrug store I visited had swatches of nail paint colours I don’t already own and I ended up picking up these. So I can’t take credit for the final look this week, as I would have never thought of the combination had I not seen it in store.

I started with Dusky Mauve, which is a shade I have never taken much interest in before. On its own I am not that impressed with it, in the bottle you can see the purple shimmer/tint that runs through but this doesn’t translate well on the nails and reminds me of the shade Mushroom.

On top of the two coats of Dusky Mauve, I added two coats of Pink Iridescent glitter, which makes the look a lot more subtle than you would expect from a glitter. When I first saw the swatch from a distance I didn’t even realise it was glitter, the colours seemed to blend in so well to one another. You will probably notice that I smudged one of my nails, but I love that glitter is so forgiving and I could be lazy and not bother to fix it.

I will swatch the lilac foil shade soon, in the mean time what do you think of this combination? If you have mixed shades in the past and ended up with a surprisingly good effect please let me know below or include links to your posts.

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