Monday, 19 December 2011

Moroccan Oil review

I am going to start with a true story……

In 2009 I took an amazing trip to Marrakech, and arranged a one-day trip to the Atlas Mountains. On the way, our taxi driver stopped us at a few shops, one of which was a place where women were grinding down the seeds, which make argan oil.

After we were shown the process, we were led into the shop where they sold the oil in various forms, either for beauty or consumption and we got a chance to taste the oil as well as use the even got to try the oil dipped in bread. The prices were a bit on the expensive side, especially considering it was a road side shop and my exact words were “I’ve never heard of argan oil, I don’t know if it’s any good” and I walked out of the shop without a second thought.

A few months after I got home, I started reading the hype about argan oil, and it goes without saying that  I have been kicking myself ever since for not picking it up when I had the chance!

What I did buy a few months ago was Moroccan Oil. I’m sure you all are well aware of the benefits argan oil is meant to have on the hair and skin so I am not going to go through those.

When I first started using the oil, I wasn’t wowed by it and I even put it in the cupboard and forgot about it for a while. But once the cold weather returned I decided to give it another try and I have to say I am really impressed. The main difference I have noticed is in the condition with my hair, which feels much softer having used this after every wash. What is most impressive is that the softness lasts, which is something I have never experienced with any intensive conditioners I use.

The oil also adds a bit of extra shine, but because I also use this with my hair product I don’t know what is more responsible for that. I don’t think it combats frizziness, which I have noticed is more down to the way my hair dries than anything else.

As much as I do like, and am impressed with this product I am not sure that just to have soft hair it is worth the £30 price tag. I would like to try a few of the cheaper alternatives out there and see how they compare.

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