Thursday, 29 December 2011

Lori Greiner cosmetics organiser

I was lucky enough to receive a make-up organiser for Christmas, which was unexpected but very welcome since my make-up collection was always scattered in various bags. 

This was the extent of my organisation before, two small canvas boxes from Ikea for the makeup products currently in use, my ELF dump bag and a big black make-up travel bag for new items. I also then had another series of makeup cases carrying all sorts. 

This is my new storage, along with all the bags full of makeup to be fit inside. The organiser is quite small, and designed to be placed on a tabletop, it also rotates to allow access to all the items. There are six compartments in total, two that are tall and suit bottles and any other larger items, two that have dividers and the final two have shelves. The top of the organiser is designed for thinner items, lipsticks, eyeliners, brushes etc.

And this is my storage after being filled with all my makeup. I can’t decide if I think that I own a lot or not. All that is missing from this are my eyeshadow palettes and I also left out new and unused items, which I will add once something has been used up.

It was good to come across makeup I had forgotten about — it almost felt like coming home after a shopping spree. I also threw out some really old items and made a mental note of what I definitely don’t need to buy any more of.

I love my new organisation and I am hoping that by having the majority of things out for me to see it will encourage me to use some things I haven’t picked up in a while. The hexagonal shape of the organiser means that the compartments are all angled so not everything can fit easily, I am lucky that a lot of my items are the “right shape” for the organiser, but I can tell that I would have been a lot more limited in what I could have fit if this wasn’t the case. I’ve had a search around the internet and I think the organiser was purchased from QVC — link here!

This is my cupboard having organised it. One box is now for miscellany, tubes of skin care creams and product samples to try and review, and the other contains my eyeshadow palettes.

So apart from tidying up and finding a few lost treasures, I also leant a few things…
1. I do not need any more mascaras, eyeliners or lip balms — I seem to have accumulated lots of samples and full sized freebies, which will see me through for at least a year.
2. I need to make more of an effort to rotate the lipsticks and blushers I use, I might take inspiration from Eyelining Obsessions and do posts at the end of the weeks having worn a different lipstick each day.
3. That I do love a special offer and although it’s always great to get value for money as yet I haven’t even started using the majority of all the freebies and it might be worth in the future just buying the one thing I really want.

I am thinking of starting another project 10 pan to empty out my cupboards a bit more. I am really good about only buying skin care when I need it, but I am not the same with makeup, now I know what I definitely don’t need more of I can make attempt to use up what I have before trying something new. Would you be interested in reading about that again?

So, how do you like it? I would love to know how you all organise your makeup and any tips on how best to make use out of everything you own.

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