Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas nails

I really struggled deciding what to do for my Christmas nails…… but after testing out at least 8 different colours of polish and various designs this is what I settled on….

I used Fashionista red magnetism nail polish on four of my nails, but added my favourite red nail polish from Beauty UK on top. Now I know this will probably seem counter-productive, but the result is the beautiful red colour you see with the slight magnetised effect coming through, adding a nice depth to the colour and a more subtle effect on the nails. The picture doesn’t really do the look justice, but I am really pleased with the result.

I decided to add an accent nail, which was a classic French tip, red line and flower nail sticker.

Finally, I also ordered and received my first ever Glossy box on Christmas eve, but waited until Christmas day to open it as a gift from myself (sad I know!) Even though I had done my nails on Christmas eve, the magnetised polish had already started to chip so I decided to cover up the worst offending nail with the Deborah Lippman red glitter polish. The polish applied really well and dried quickly

I love the end result. I like that at first glance you don’t really see anything special in the way of design, since the colours compliment each other so well, but a closer look lets you see all the detail. The only shame is that the wear and chipping started after a day!

So what do you think? I want to try doing more nail art and mixing of colours. Please share your favourite Christmas and non-Christmas designs with me below.

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