Thursday, 1 December 2011

Blow dry using Richard Ward’s tips

So I finally got round to blow-drying my hair straight using the tips I learnt at the Richard Ward masterclass a few months back.

I have to admit, I don’t really like my hair straight as I don’t think it suits my face shape. I have to add lots of volume and a level of curl, to feel comfortable.

To help with the look, I applied Richard Ward’s memoriser holding serum throughout my hair when it was about 80% wet. The product is designed to hold any shape you apply to your hair whilst blow drying.

I only needed a small amount of product to spread through the entire length of my hair, which spread easily and did not leave a sticky feeling on my fingers or my hair. In fact, after blowdrying, my hair felt really smooth and soft. To get the curl all I did was hold the ends of my hair taunt in the comb and apply heat for about 20/30 seconds.

The combination of the drying technique I learnt and the product meant that the photographs I am using here show my hair the day after! I didn’t have to touch up the look other than ruffling my hair into place a bit and combing through with my fingers.

So honest opinions, what do you think?

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