Thursday, 10 November 2011

A-Z of me

I saw this post on Eyelining Obsessions blog and thought it was a really good idea for getting to know some random information about the person behind the blog. So here goes…

A - Age – 27 and deep into my quarter life crisis, I don’t feel my age but I am well aware that 30 isn’t far.
B - Best holiday – Marrakech, it was the most perfect 10 days, beautiful city, good food, culture, if I ever moved away for a simple life, Morocco would be my destination.
C - Chores you hate – cleaning the bathroom.
D - Dogs – I’ve never had one, but when I get my own home I would like to get a pomeranian. 
E - Essential start to your day – sadly, the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is check emails.
F - Favourite colour – purple and all it’s shades
G - Gold or silver – I wear a lot more silver than I do gold , mostly because the cheap jewellery I buy looks better in
H - Height – I’m 5:6, I think maybe 5:7
I - Instruments you play – I played the piano for a few years
J - Job title – Editorial assistant 
K - Kids – none, I always thought I would be expecting child number two at my age though :-s
L - Live – Greater London
M - Mother's name – Mum
N - Nickname – most family and close friends call me aysh, as a child I was called ayshe bear as my favourite book was Goldielocks and the three bears  
O - Overnight hospital stays – never
P - Pet Peeves – mostly train/tube related and peoples general attitudes, we all want to get to work, we all want a seat and none of us want to be cramped together, huffing, puffing being a pain doesn’t make it any more pleasant 
Q - Quote from a film – nothing springs to mind, except something from Futurama :-s “when you do things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all” 
R - Right or left handed – right
S - Siblings – one younger sister
T - Time you wake up – 7 am during the week
U - Underwear – what about it?
V - Vegetable you hate – I agree with Claire on this one - Not technically a vegetable but I cannot and will not eat mushrooms
W - What makes you run late – the fact that I wake up at 7 but don’t actually start getting ready until about 15 minutes before I should be leaving to catch my train
X - X-rays you've had – only for my teeth
Y - Yummy food you make – I used to make a mean tortilla pie and I really enjoy baking cakes, chocolate orange cupcakes with chocolate icing were my favourite, but I get the most requests for my apple cake
Z - Zoo animal – tough one, last time I went to London zoo, I loved the interactive monkey section, I don’t remember the type but they were quite small and climbing around all over the place. I like penguins too.

Please share your links below if you decide to do this.  

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